Tücc-Prote is a natural biological protector, made of a very fluid powder, which comes from fossilized algae with a silicon coating, is biodegradable and does not leave toxic residues.
It acts as an effective insecticide against insects, which when they come into contact with Tücc-Prote, erodes and perforates the keratin layer, causing dehydration and death of the insect.

Bio-Prote acts on all types of insects in a mechanical way so insects do not generate self-defense and resistance to it, unlike chemical insecticides.
As an insecticide it is very effective against: The aphid, the cotton mealybug, red spider, white fly, snails and slugs, ants, nematodes, caterpillars and others.

As a preventive protector:

It is very effective in greenhouses, to treat unwanted fungi and bacteria that are eliminated by dusting on the surfaces thanks to its bactericidal and fungicidal properties.

Sacks of 40 ltr.

The foliar application of this product through powder spraying, or mixing with 1 Ltr, of Tucc-Prote by 10ltr, of water produces a white layer to protect the plants and especially the sensitive fruits, from the sunstrokes in the hours of greater luminosity, when reflecting the spectrum of the infrared and ultra violet rays, avoiding burns and damages that affect the development of the plants and the aspect of the fruits, flowers and vegetables.

Surface BET – 19,5m2/0,357 Ltr, that allows with very little product to impregnate all the surface of the plants to treat and the insects to eliminate. The high porosity provides a physio-mechanical action to stick to the insects and with the sharp edges of the microscopic particles (hollow and with negative electric charge), it perforates the keratin body of the insects, which die by dehydration.

Bio-Prote’s mineral composition is enhanced by a small amount of pyrethrins, which irritate the insects’ nervous system, helping them to adhere to their body. It is biodegradable so it does not leave toxic residues.

In general terms, they control the large families of insects, and within them the different types and varieties that exist, and which preferentially attack all types of fruit, vegetable, cereal, legume, ornamental plant and flower crops, etc.

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