imagen flores nutri ecologic


Tücc-Crops is a new system of organic fertilizer, to save water and nutrients with a main objective, to create a constant humidity controlled with different dosages on the substrate to establish the desired level and thus promote the nutritional system of plants, based on the proliferation of microorganisms

imagen flores nutri ecologic

Saprophytes are microorganisms that live in the substrate and are those that give life to plants and develop by a combination of moisture / temperature, feeding on dead organic matter, such as plant fibers and enzymatic hydrolyzed proteins of animal origin, compounds included in the Tücc-Crops, to create the means for the development of aerobic microorganisms that are those that generate more oxygen, vital for the feeding and development of the plant.

Saprophytic microorganisms are in the form of fungi and grow on substrates, which means that they are not pathogenic or harmful. They are considered a sign of fertility in the soil, in forest environments, are created in the shady and around the moisture of the dry leaves, in different formats, green moss, mushrooms and others.

imagen setas nutri ecologic

To fulfill the nutritional function of the plants, the new ecological natural product (Tücc-Crops) is presented, which is in charge of the proliferation of saprophytic microorganisms.

imagen campo nutri ecologic
imagen campo nutri ecologic

The analytical result is of full satisfaction, since it contains the essential elements, for the development of the plant and fattening of the fruit in any culture considering that, due to the system of retention, the use of the nutrition is but regular and effective, against the traditional systems that do not retain the nutrients, causing the necessity of but amount of irrigations and thus to fulfill the minimum necessities required by the plants.

imagen campo nutri ecologic

From now on we will try to justify the high consumption of water and dissolved nutrients that could be saved in the traditional systems that filter by leaching into the soil, assuming a lack for the roots that only take advantage of the partial humidity and leads to the irrigation being carried out more intensively.

The intensive forms of irrigation are the main cause of the contamination of the aquifers.

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