Nutri-Ferti is a liquid organic fertilizer, based on hydrolyzed proteins of animal origin, rich in nutrients and free amino acids combined with carbon, hydrates of high level in sugars, which are an ideal complement for the microbial food of the substrate, that is to say, it provides the perfect food to the fungi and bacteria as the “Trichoderma” that lives in the substrate of which the plants are fed.

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Nutri-Ferti is a liquid organic fertilizer, complement of the Bio-Crops, it has the same nutritive properties and it is thought for the nutritive contribution of the complete cycle of the cultivation.

Nutri-Ferti is a product compatible with other stimulants of study programs of different technical prescriptions, according to the intended purpose, depending on each plantation.

It is a balanced formulation with a high level of proteins provided by free amino acids in a levogenic form (totally assimilable by plants). Total N 4,22 %(PP), (Organic N 4,20 %(PP), Ammoniacal N 0,0207 %(PP), Nitric N 22,6 mg/kg, Ureic N 0,100 %(PP), total P2O5 phosphorus 1,474, total K2O potassium 1,474.
Among the free amino acids, the content of leucine 0.449%(PP), aspartic acid 0.145%(PP), glutamic acid 0.207%(PP), lysine 0.194%,(PP) alanine 0.251%(PP) and valine 0.246%(PP) stand out.

Nutri-Ferti is added to the soil diluted in water, incorporating:

-20 liters/Ha. In irrigation water, for trees, vines and vineyards -40 liters/Ha. In irrigation water, for fruit and citrus trees.
-60 liters/Ha. In irrigation water, for plantations
of tropical origin.
-50 ml/ltr. For hedges and pots.
-100 ml/ltr. For lawns.

The number of applications will vary depending on the objectives pursued. However, it is recommended to apply every 15 days with a minimum of 3 to 4 applications during the period of vegetative growth and/or fruit set and development. Do not make mixtures with cupric compounds, sulphurs and oils. In olive grove if it can be mixed with the majority of coppers.

It is specially indicated for its application in the phases of growth, flowering and fruit set, as well as in the situations of stress due to adverse climatic conditions, in the transplant, development, flowering, setting, etc.

Packaging presentation:

Drums of 20 ltr: For sale to professionals, agrochemical storekeepers, large plantations, greenhouses, nurseries and seedbeds.

Classification A: The content in materials
The weight is below the limits allowed to obtain this classification.

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