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Nutriecologic is an appendix of other companies with great experience in different markets, both nationally and internationally.

Its laboratories have a qualified technical team dedicated exclusively to research and development. In fact, they are constantly studying how to present new value-added products that will solve the problems of the future and of the present.

The ecological production, the environmental values, the effects of the fertilization, and the saving of water in the irrigations, are postulates that contribute this added value.

The geographical location of the company, in the Spanish Levant, places it in the heart of the European Orchard, with distribution centers easily connected to the rest of the world.

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Our Facilities

Nutri Ecologic develops its activity in an industrial complex of 4,000 m2, owned by the business group to which it belongs, currently occupying the production of fertilizers and related products over 1,000 square meters.

The production is based on the research in our laboratories, and is based on the practical knowledge of the properties of different natural products of national and international origin, previously selected, and their reactions combined with other elements, as well as with the environment that surrounds them. Its results will respond to the demand of the markets.

Likewise, production is carried out prior to the design and construction of the necessary machinery according to the specific characteristics of the elements involved in each formulation.

The products that are put on the market have been tested previously during an extensive period, being submitted to the required modifications and revisions, until the final validation is obtained.


Nutri Ecologic’s natural customers are both those who love nature, organic farming, and gardening, and those who, because of the need for climate and new restrictive regulations, see their plantations in danger, as may be the case with golf courses.

Also gardening and in general all those plantations of long cycle, either in pots or trees, are suitable candidates for the consumption of Bio-Crops.

Other potential clients are nurseries and seedbeds, since by adding 20% of Bio-Crops to the prepared substrate, they will be able to guarantee transplants almost 100%, since their plants will not suffer the inevitable stress that occurs during the change.

The individual user is our most special customer, who loves his plants the most, who dedicates the most time to them, and who suffers the most when he has to abandon them temporarily out of necessity.

To solve this problem of abandonment we propose Bio-Crops, since it retains water and nutrients for a period of more than 40 days, and allows you to avoid worrying about your plants during the vacations.

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Nutri Ecologic was born with a desire for internationalization, so it is preparing to create a commercial network based on distributors through exclusive sectorized franchises in various countries on all continents.

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